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Freethinking is one of South Africa’s leading strategic partners for Financial Services. Our ever-growing team of subject matter experts boasts one of the largest and diverse design contingents in Africa. We believe in actualising change in a way that matters, and our team of consultants take an innovative approach to tailor solutions to complex business problems.

Be it transformative work – shaped by technologies, strategies, market shifts and insights – or leveraging our consultants’ extensive industry and subject matter experience, we can work with your business to achieve goals of simplicity, transformation and competitive advantage – guided by our principles of intimate partnerships and human-centred design.


Underpinned by deep financial services expertise, our diverse team of specialist consultants span design, user experience (UX), strategy, product management, analysis, architecture and transformation enablement.

With twelve years of experience in the financial services industry, we have vast expertise in all aspects of banking with recent expansion into insurance. We embed this expertise in each practice with specialists available to augment as required. Our passion is to understand the impact of environmental changes on the industries in which we operate and reflects in our specific focus on future technology and its propensity to enable and disrupt our focus industries.



Great customer experience is more than just a beautiful interface or system. With one of the largest design practices in Africa, we can seamlessly blend capabilities such as Service Design and User Experience to create optimal experiences that delight customers and engage employees while generating revenue for businesses.



Traditional disciplines that rely on centralised control struggle to adapt to new ways of working. By enabling analysts with functional architectural skills and systems thinking, we can bridge the gap between architecture and delivery allowing flow while staying true to the long-term vision.



Through a focus on customer needs, product requirements and business want – we can align the different disciplines of the organisation to deliver the right product feature sets consistently. Paying attention to critical goals, a good organisational system (leveraging strengths and prioritising work) generates appropriate responses to the job at hand, resulting in effective and efficient teams delivering value to both the client and customer.



Organisational transformation needs to align with the reskilling revolution which is requiring us to build our competences in both creative and emotional intelligence. This shift in mindset enables fundamental transformative change to be baked into the effectiveness of people within the business and allows them to integrate it into their daily lives. Through observation, curious questions and deep listening, we focus on understanding real problems to be solved and tap into the human potential to drive ownership of the solution and future state.



Increasingly, the impact of new technologies and challenges to the traditional incumbents is seen in the industry. We work closely with industry and technology experts to stay current, advise and assist customers with the application (and many times, the non-application) of block chains, robotics, various use cases for machine learning and AI solutions or other technologies that may fundamentally improve or impede a business.


“The Freethinking team has been instrumental in assisting our organisation to manage the change, business readiness, organisation performance and communication required to realise our group digital platform vision.

Freethinking has deployed an integrated change team to great effect, successfully supporting the new ways of working required to ensure our digital product organisation is a source of sustainable competitive advantage.”

South African Banking Sector



Through our series of insights, our team of Freethinkers aims to stimulate conversations on the biggest issues facing businesses in Africa. We aim for original, incisive commentary; uniquely African perspectives on global trends; and creative solutions to today’s challenges.


“It’s great to be part of this team because I’m constantly learning from my extremely intelligent and motivated co-workers.  People here truly care about the work they do and I’ve built life-long friendships here.”

Chanetsa Mukahanana
Chanetsa MukahananaUI Designer

“Being part of the Freethinking family has not only enabled me to do what I do best, but it has also inspired, elevated and empowered me to do even more! Now that’s what I call a company that strives for greatness!! The best part?…
I get to be a part of it!”

Michéle De Sousa
Michéle De SousaUX Designer

 “As a Freethinker I have the opportunity to not only work as an individual but to also have a platform to drive my individual career needs in a way that still meets the broader business focus.”

Keshnie Naidoo
Keshnie NaidooChange Manager

“I feel part of a close-knit family and have a great sense of belonging. I have met great people here and felt that my wellbeing has been taken to heart. Freethinking is an environment where you are given opportunities to grow and thrive in your career.”

Matsie Matsabu
Matsie MatsabuBusiness Analyst

“I enjoy working for Freethinking as it is a company made up of dynamic and driven people, with an energy that is contagious from the top down. It’s a place where seeking solutions and pursuing ideas beyond traditional boxes becomes a part of who you are.”

Tracey Wolstenholme
Tracey Wolstenholme UX Designer

“With the guidance, support and mentoring of Freethinking Management, I started my career as a project manager in February 2015.  I am currently working on my 3rd and 4th project since February 2015 and still receive ongoing support and guidance from Freethinking Management, thank you for believing in me and making my dream come true!”

Pat schoeman
Pat schoemanProject Manager

“Championing design-thinking, and bringing the customer to the core of the client’s service strategy, Freethinking is the nimble and strategic David, to the corporate Goliath that is the move to digital.”

Diego Snayers
Diego SnayersUX Designer

“Freethinking lives and breathes a culture that allows individuals and teams to bring the best of their diverse skills-sets to the table. It is a dynamic and responsive business consulting organisation, underpinned by the values and leading expertise that set us and our clients up for success in a disruptive and constantly changing world.”

Iain Campbell
Iain CampbellConsultant


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Tel: 011 325 0326

Email: info@freethinking.co.za

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Grosvenor Gate | Ground Floor
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