Design Thinking lies at the heart of everything we do. For our clients, it enables faster time to market, quicker decisions, lower project costs and less re-work.

As passionate advocates of Design Thinking, we believe this new and creative approach has the potential to transform the way our clients do business and drive innovative solutions that delight their customers.

Freethinking consultants bring a specialised blend of Design Thinking, complemented by data-driven principles, on every project in which we’re involved. Our creative skill sets allow us to design truly human-centered products and services alongside our clients and partners.

At the core of our approach is our ability to design holistically and with the end in mind – considering the impact of an idea or solution on every layer of the organisation.

Our hands-on, highly-personal approach ensures that we have a clear and comprehensive understanding of our clients’ requirements, meaning that solutions are considered from all angles before they’re built.

Our Design Services include:

Service design strategy and implementation

UX design strategy and implementation

User Research and Empathy Mapping

Facilitation of disruptive innovation

Planning and execution of user testing

Design and implementation of Usability Labs

Design and implementation of various design tools and methodologies