Our stellar track-record of delivering tangible, value-adding client solutions stems from our unique ‘partnership style’ consulting approach.

This begins with in-depth discovery sessions that help clients frame the challenges or opportunities that Digital could solve. Together we unearth the nuances in every problem, challenge preconceptions, eliminate biases, and truly understand issues from every vantage point.

In these early phases we resist the urge to jump into solution mode – relying on proven, but flexible, methodologies – to ask the right questions and establish strong relationships. We enrich the discovery sessions by sharing our practical experiences, by our team members’ creativity, as well as research into macro-trends or statistics.

With strategies developing, and programmes of work emerging, we hand-pick individuals and compose teams, weaving them into the fabric of our clients’ structures. True change can only happen when critical mass is achieved within the organisation, so we focus heavily on evolving cultures and team dynamics, to deal with the demands of digital transformations.

As a member of the EOH Group (Africa’s largest technology firm) we’re able to draw on EOH’s deep expertise in enterprise technology; as well as pulling in resources from our vibrant partner network.

All of our solutions are characterised by Freethinking’s flair for design – the cornerstone of our work. This applies to conceptual problem solving, wireframing across multiple platforms, prototyping, crafting interactions, transitions, animations, or literally anything in between.

As we partner with clients to build digital solutions, we promote the importance of analytics instrumentation, allowing our clients to track the value of their solutions and better respond to their customers’ needs.