Freethinking Leadership

Derrick Cooks


Derrick has over 18 years experience in the Financial Services sector, having started his career at Standard Bank in 1997. There, he obtained extensive experience – implementing strategic and complex projects in Retail and Corporate Banking locally and in Africa.

While at Standard Bank, Derrick identified an opportunity for a consulting company to drive change, by infusing design thinking into every level of the organisation and helping clients ‘put ideas to work’. From this, Freethinking was born.

Since then, the Freethinking vision has attracted long-term clients and dozens of colleagues – as the company rapidly grows to new regions and sectors.

Derrick is passionate about creating a platform for colleagues to apply their skills and achieve mastery in their fields, add meaningful value to clients, and develop lasting relationships.

This is guided by the principle that Freethinking consultants are able to work in harmony with their values and be true to their spirits. Derrick is drawn to high-energy people who bring clarity and creativity to solve complex business problems.

He credits his family as the anchor, the support structure that allows him to pursue his goals in business. In his love for endurance and adventure sports he finds the quiet time and inspiration to grow the company’s – and his own – ambitions.

Derrick holds an MBA from The Gordon Institute of Business Science, and a BCom (Honours) in Business Management from The University of South Africa.