Freethinking Leadership

Mike Harbinson


Mike’s fast-paced career has spanned project management, sales, customer relationship management, and consulting – primarily in the Financial Services and Telecoms sectors.

He’s formed a uniquely human approach to technology, an enthusiasm for its power to enhance relationships, turn ideas into reality, and bring us greater fulfilment.

As one of Freethinking’s earliest members, Mike strives to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit that defines the organisation, and coalesces within client environments to produce outstanding creativity.

Supporting this is Mike’s approach to client relationships – based on authenticity and shared values.

His portfolio includes new business development, as well as ambitious regional growth plans for one of our largest clients – which reflects an insatiable appetite for tough challenges. As an endurance athlete with seven Comrades medals, this desire to achieve the remarkable is hard-wired into his personality.

Within client environments, Mike leads teams by blending skills from individuals in various fields, taking a design-centric approach to dealing with ambiguity and solving business challenges.

His relaxed demeanour is blended with sharp critical awareness of where the team’s energies should be focused, to deliver maximum value to our clients as they transform their businesses.

Mike holds a BComm in Industrial Psychology from The University of Johannesburg.