Central to the Freethinking belief, is leadership and the development of leaders, both in character and skill. To be a leader at Freethinking means sharing responsibility, having empathy and purpose and being responsive.

Our focus as leaders at Freethinking is not on the self and our own achievements, but on that of the Freethinker next to us.

The art of communication is the language of leadership. Encourage conversation, constructive debate and strive for complete transparency.

Leaders know that offering a problem is not separate from offering a solution. When you identify a problem, ask yourself: “What do I hope to accomplish by bringing this to management?”, directly followed by: “How do I plan to do that?” When we encounter a problem, our first reaction should be to also identify a possible solution. No one is better placed to solve your problem, than you.

A team is as strong as the individual and the individual as strong as the team.



Sharing responsibility is reliant on trust and accountability. It means sharing ownership. This sharing unifies and includes individuals, which in turn, fosters collaboration.

We are not precious about our work, nor do we value our own as better than our peers’. Our focus is to work together to attain the best possible outcome for all involved.

Our people-first approach should always inform our decisions and should never ask of anyone other than ourselves to sacrifice.



Constant self-evaluation, responsiveness, constructive debate and mentorship are key to driving growth. It is important to us that all Freethinkers have a clear growth path. Our collaborative approach works to enable the individual to realize their goals on their path to wholeness.

People come first.



Freethinking strives to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Freethinking will only consider compromise where it serves to uphold the greater good.

We never compromise on quality, effort or consistency. We are assertive in our practice, but always fair, seeking out outcomes that are mutually beneficial for all involved.

We do not force our ideas onto others, but we do not simply accept the status quo. We do not sacrifice right practice because of the existence of best practice.

We work tirelessly to deliver intentional solutions that are tangible, measurable and effective.



As Freethinkers, we strive to work together in an atmosphere of trust and accountability toward a common goal, we put aside turf issues and politics and focus on the tasks at hand. Instead of trying to predict and control, we aim to sense and respond.

This focus of resources overcomes barriers, helps to identify new opportunities, and builds a momentum that leads to the attainment of flow. Unique individual strengths are complimented by the strengths of others, or of the team as a unit.

We build trust by having empathy and generosity toward each other and by being consistently reliable and responsive. We care about the little things. We seek to know ourselves and those around us. We celebrate each others’ milestones and we support each other through tough going.