Our Purpose

Our purpose is to put doing good before chasing profit. We’re here to tackle problems beyond those of organisations. We set up how we operate to take on the systemic issues we face as humans. We want to leave an indelible mark on people and society.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to manifest change for good beyond the scope of business, and to create real, shared value in the process.

Our Values


We live our core value by providing support to our people as they work in the three aspects of mastery. Mastery of self, mastery of skill and mastery of quality of work.

We structure and enable Mastery through constant iteration and the improvement of growth and development initiatives with continuous feedback and goal setting. We enable this continuous improvement with healthy individual training budgets, coaching and mindful self-care practices through our partnership with Headspace. This ensures that every Freethinker can choose to attain Mastery in a healthy and sustainable way.


We are consistently learning and keeping each other accountable around bias and all it’s different aspects. We’ve conducted a stringent internal audit which we shared openly with our people as part of a campaign to demonstrate our commitment to the pursuit of diversity, inclusivity and fairness. We’ve also adjusted salary brackets for those who were on the margins of fair pay as an outcome of this initiative.

Find And Solve Root Problems

It’s part of our DNA to close the value gap for our clients. We take the time to understand your unique environment and its challenges, and work with you to unearth the root causes of problems – this is critical to solve if true value is to be delivered with lasting impact.

Our problem-first approach ensures that you’re delivering solutions to the underlying issues and not just the symptoms. Solving the wrong problem is costly, time consuming and avoidable.


We take pride in principle in running an ethical business. Our compliance and governance practices focus keenly on fair and ethical conduct, and our staff are trained for this continually with gamified courses.

Thought Leadership

Our brand is a challenger, unafraid to challenge the status quo wherever it fails to deliver value. The people we hire are selected, amongst other things, because they share our challenger mindset.

Those who naturally lead and show the way through understanding and innovation flourish in our culture of Mastery and Fairness. We encourage and support those who are not afraid to take an outsider stance when championing authentic thought leadership.