Why Freethinking?

We do things differently. We see innovation as a design problem, and this definition of design extends far beyond the limits of areas traditionally considered ‘design’. We understand that the right way to assess innovation is by its impact.

With Design-Driven Innovation, we don’t just work to improve or offer completely new solutions to existing problems – we redefine problems. We are advocates of the Conscious Capitalism movement, and we live to innovate for the big, systemic issues facing society today.

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Our approach is unique

We understand the issues inherent to Human-Centred Design and how it can’t solve complex, systemic problems on it’s own. We can tackle systemic issues because we validate and test proposed meanings not only using Human-Centric Design principles, but also Society-Centric Design principles and Systems Design.

What Makes Us Different?

Instead of being either solutions-focused or problem framing, we diagnose and frame problems before designing solutions. This diagnostic first step ensures that we are solving the right or root problem and delivering much higher value than disparate solutions.

Human needs are an integral part of any complex system and are the scaffolding that structures the interrelationship between parts. Our focus isn’t myopic but inclusive of human needs and the interrelationship between the elements of complex systems. We look at all aspects of any problem.

We validate intuitive thinking with the rigour of analysis, and we integrate human needs with the multidimensional considerations in systems.

We employ modelling, mapping, visualisation and prototyping in our innovation process.

We iterate quickly and experiment in each stage of the refinement of a system.

What Does It Look Like?

We offer turnkey and interventional services tailored to your needs.

Every problem is different and will require a different approach to address it. Whether you need help in your business with Configuration, Offering or Experience, we can help. Our tailored approach ensures that our baseline beats their gold standard.

Turnkey and interventional services delivered through Design-Driven Innovation:

Strategy Design

Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation

Product Design

Business Design

User Experience Design

Systems Design

User Interface Design

Design Strategy

Interaction Design

Design Capability Setup And Augmentation

Implementation Consulting In Partnership With iOCO

Service Design

Resource Augmentation